Thursday, December 18, 2008

Circuit City Slashing Its Prices...

Well, unless you have been living in a bubble FABULOUS readers, I would assume that you are aware that Circuit City has been effected by the economic decline.  The store filed for a Chapter 11 last month and in turn will be closing 155 of its store locations throughout the country. What does this mean for its consumers? Well........ if you are located next to a store location that is closing, it is a beautiful day in your neighborhood (couldn't resist a little Mr. Rodger's) for you! At the 155 closing store locations, you will find liquidated prices!!!!!!!!! So go to this website  to see if you are oh so fortunate to live close to a store location that is closing. This would be a great opportunity to upgrade the electronics in your home. The good thing is that since all of the locations are not closing, the store is still offering and honoring warranty plans on items purchased.  So you have nothing to lose and much to gain, including more cash left in your account!

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