Friday, December 18, 2009

Fab Song of the Week: Rihanna ft Young Jeezy-Hard

Fab readers we love Rihanna's video for Hard. It took the song a while to grow on us but the video is super hot !!! Check it out below

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fab Song of the Week: Letoya Luckett-Regret

Fab readers this is def one of our fave songs right now...don't get me started on why, just know that the lyrics speak to the heart :-) Check out the video below wear Letoya is rocking the trend of purple lips for fall and some pretty fly fashion.

Current Obesseion Forever21 Rogeri Boots

Fab readers I have bee contemplating the Forever 21 Rogeri Trooper Fashion boot for the past month but I figured that would be a bit selfish of me since I am no where near finished Christmas shopping. However at a price of only $36.80 I guess I wouldn't be that bad :-) The boots are really sexy on and are pretty comfy, they feature a 4" heel and have a leopard lining (getting fancy Forever21). Since I just bought I flat pair of boots that are similar in style to this boot I would have to figure out a reason to justify buying another pair of boots.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fab Song of the Week: Kid Cudi- Pursuit of Happiness

Check out the latest video from Kid Cudi "Pursuit of Happiness" which was directed by Josh Hartnett (who knew?!?)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome Home Dolce Vita

Fab readers when I ran across these boots I knew I HAD to have them. They are super sexy and sleek and most important comfortable!!! I had been eyeing the boots for the past few weeks but when they went on sale plus a private sale I knew they were coming home with me, even if I had to go down a half size because they were sold out in mine. The best part of the shoe is the slouchy shaft. I have been searching for the past few months for a boot with a slouchy shaft every since I saw a pair of Elizabeth and James boots that I fell in love with but were waaaayyyyy out of my budget. I think these Dolce Vita Jayden boots definitely fit the bill without breaking the bank.


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