Monday, December 14, 2009

Current Obesseion Forever21 Rogeri Boots

Fab readers I have bee contemplating the Forever 21 Rogeri Trooper Fashion boot for the past month but I figured that would be a bit selfish of me since I am no where near finished Christmas shopping. However at a price of only $36.80 I guess I wouldn't be that bad :-) The boots are really sexy on and are pretty comfy, they feature a 4" heel and have a leopard lining (getting fancy Forever21). Since I just bought I flat pair of boots that are similar in style to this boot I would have to figure out a reason to justify buying another pair of boots.


smartchic said...

i like! these will definitely give you an edgy and sexy look. love it coz it's also cheap :)

siwing said...

can i buy these from yoU ? LOL... i've been looking for these. hope they come back !

Types Of Mens Tuxedos said...

what a sexy boots.:))


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