Friday, October 21, 2011


Once again we are HIGH off Cociane80s! Hey FAB readers, as you recall, on June 21st the 1st Cocaine80s EP was released and the music media community went WILD! It had been WAY TOO LONG since the world has had the opportunity to hear REAL music!

Well early early early this morning while most of the nation was sleeping, the group, COCAINE80s, has laced us with some of that new stuff we all crave. The group is comprised of nothing but DOPENESS featuring none other than EXTRAORDINARY Producer No ID,  FIRE Rapper Common, 2 of the DOPEST Song Writers in the game James Fautleroy & Makeba, the GENIUS on Keys Kevin 'Blak Label' Randolph (me hubbster), and the MASTER of Guitar Steve. As individuals, they all represent the best at what they do and together......they are UNSTOPPABLE! Get your ears prepared to hear GREATNESS!!! Once you're on the page click the Ghost Lady face... REAL MUSIC IS BACK and just in time for the weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Highs and The Lows: Christian Louboutin vs H by Halston

Fab readers we have been obsessed with the Christian Louboutin Lady Daf MaryJane heel for quite some time but no matter how we look at it these shoes just aren't in the budget. We enjoy a splurge on a good pair of shoes as much as the next but just can justify spending just shy of rent on a pair of shoes.  The Lady Daf features a 6 1/4" heel with a 2" platform and can be yours for only $995...unfortunately the shoe is sold out everywhere (for those that can afford).

Never fear if the Lady Daf is out of the budget. H by Halston has an uber fabulous alternative Rosalind. The Rosalind features a 5 3/4" heel with a 2 1/8" platform. We absolutely love these shoes and the price even more. They are currently on sale for $94.99 so stop reading and click here to buy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Old Navy Haul!!! (pt1)

Hey fab readers sorry for the crappy lighting...everything featured was 75% off...check out the video!!!

A POP of Color


Hey fab readers here is a look at what I wore to work today. I decided to add a splash of color with this coral top that I bought from Target. I think it makes a boring work outfit a little bit more tolerable :). I paired the shirt with a Zara Skirt and Forever 21 blazer (from 2 years ago). Hope you all have a fab day!!
Shirt: Target
Skirt: Zara
Blazer: Forever 21
Shoes: Max Azria (not pictured)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lazy Sunday


So as Im sure you have gathered...I love to be relaxed on Sunday's but still look put together and that is why I love maxi dresses. Sunday we went to church and with the weather being upper 80s I decided that it was perfect to pull out my H&M maxi dress with the my old navy cropped denim jacket. As I am never one to hold out this entire outfit cost less than $25.00 ;)


Fab Song of the Week: Beyonce Love on Top

So we decided to keep the Beyonce Party going and make the video for Love on Top the song of the week. Well we actually LOVE the entire cd so its pretty safe to whenever a video is released it will be the song of the week, and everyone knows that we are a sucker for a nice pants suit. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bakers Weekend Steal!!! Anjel WP Boots

Ok fab readers I know we brought you the party shoe earlier however these shoes are definitely more our speed. The Anjel boot is a great casual boot for Fall/Winter. The boots feature a 4" wedge in suede material with gold hardware and are available in taupe and black. The boots are also on special this weekend for $69.99 regularly $109. Click here to stop reading and start buying   :)

Fab Party Shoe Alert ***SALE*** Chloe WP Bakers Pump

Hey fab readers we hope you are enjoying your weekend!! While we aren't really the clubbing type we understand that many of you are so we post this with you in mind. While browsing online we came across the Chloe WP Pump at Bakers that is on sale this weekend only for $39.99 regularly $100. These pumps feature a 5 3/4 heel with a 1 3/4 platform. While these pumps definitely aren't for the faint of heart they are definitely a show stopper. Click here to get your fab party shoe...for more that 50% off

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Day

Fab readers this feels like the longest week ever. I dont know why but I am excited for the plans prob just miniature golfing with the kid (but I digress). Nothing fancy today, during the week for work i put forth minimal effort (at least I admit it)...a pair of Harem Jeans and pinstriped mens inspired shirt from H&M with a pair of cute but not comfy heels from Marshalls that were on sale for $15.00. Check out the photos and have a Fab Friday.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Casual in Every Since of the Word

Hey fab readers here is a quick look at what I wore to work yesterday, we had a casual day and I took full advantage. By that I mean no make up no contacts and no heels ( well I always wear no conacts and make up to need in wasting products just staring at a computer screen). I wore a shirt from forever 21 that I have had for years (literally since 2005) and Prvcy jeans and a pair of sandals from sears with Michael Kors Watch and cuff bracelet from Forever 21.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's About Time B.E.T.!

We are sooooooo pleased with the airing of Reed Between The Lines! It has been LONG overdue for a sitcom portraying a positive image of the black family. After watching the initial two episodes we can say that we are pleased with the image that we have scene thus far. No unnecessary drama and more of the everyday things that a typical family would face. We had several LOL moments. We are urging our readers to please support Reed Between The Lines on Tuesday nights on BET, please check your local listings for the airing time in your area. Not since The Cosby Show have we scene anything such as this for our families. We were blessed to have The Cosby Show in our childhood era and we sure would love for this show to gain positive feedback and be able to stay on so that our sons have that same opportunity and your families as well! We thank BET for finally seeing the need to portray a positive image and actually move forward in doing so. Congrats to Tracee Ellis Ross, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and the rest of the cast! VERY realistic!

Natural Me!

Hey FAB Readers! For those of you who don't know, I have been living in LA for the past 8yrs. Ever since my relocation out west, my hair has suffered. Mainly due to the difference in water (the water here is harder than in Chicago and Alabama where I formally dwelled). This difference cause MAJOR damage to my hair. I'm talking about made it DRY, BRITTLE, and so UN-SEXY and UN-FAB. Because of that, I opted to wear weaves for the past 5 years (not to mention weaves are the "in thing" in LA). Well I did do a short cut 3 years ago which was SUPER CUTE then went back into a weave again for 2 years. Then I made excuses for maintaining a weave (such as I have to so I can work out..ummm I can still work out). Okay soooooo now I am back and rocking my natural hair and LOVING IT! I feel so free and more like my old self... ahhhhhhhhhh.... SO REFRESHING! I am thinking I will maintain my natural hair of a while and rock a weave when ever I get the urge but for now.. I'm GOOD!

Just a Look...

Hey FAB readers, I had purchased a jumper from like ummmm 3 years ago and I FINALLY opted to wear it on yesterday, just because.... I had been debating if I were going to keep the jumper or give it away. I decided that I should at least try the look on and rock it before I decide to toss or keep. And don't mind me, there are several pieces in my closet with the tags still on them well past a year or more. My sister is never pleased about that, she's more of a buy and wear type of girl. I choose to take my time and wear when I feel the urge or when the perfect event comes up. But again this was a Just Because It's Tuesday look... Later!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding Bells Wedding Look

I had the pleasure of attending a friends wedding this weekend and decided to take advantage of the extremely warm weather here in LA and wear this fab dress that my sister Keedra got me for Christmas. The dress is from Bloomingdales and it was a part of the Vena Cava for Aqua collection. I absolutely adore the draping on the dress and decided to let the dress be the statement of the look pairing it with Cathy Jean Pumps and my black Michael Kors Watch. You will definately be seeing this dress again as holiday party season begins. Have a fab day

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fab Song of the Week: Beyonce- Countdown

Hey fab readers we hope you had a great weekend. Our weekend was filled with football in the park and wedding bells ringing. There is nothing like a little Beyonce to start the week right so here is her latest video for Countdown (which we love). Check it out and enjoy the rest of your day :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Keeping It Cool

Hey FAB Readers,

I know its October and its getting cold where you are but.... its still fun in the sun time for us so I wanted to post this pic wearing one of my FAV throw on vests to easily bring a bit of edge and style to an ordinary fit... Enjoy!

FAB Song of the Week... Plies 'Just The Tip'

Hey FAB readers! This weeks song of the week is coming from Plies.. We are really feeling this track, although we MUST ensure that all kiddies are out of the room while it's being played! It's DEF for the mature audiences only...
Our FAB Talented producer/songwriter friends DA INTERNZ  and my Uber Talented
producer/songwriter/musician husband KEVIN 'Black Label' RANDOLPH laced this track to give us a beat to rock and vibe to. The Plies single features Jeremih and Ludacris. The song has been getting MAJOR air play since its release last week and we can see why... Can we hear you say "Just The Tip"..... WOWSERS! Enjoy!


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