Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Natural Me!

Hey FAB Readers! For those of you who don't know, I have been living in LA for the past 8yrs. Ever since my relocation out west, my hair has suffered. Mainly due to the difference in water (the water here is harder than in Chicago and Alabama where I formally dwelled). This difference cause MAJOR damage to my hair. I'm talking about made it DRY, BRITTLE, and so UN-SEXY and UN-FAB. Because of that, I opted to wear weaves for the past 5 years (not to mention weaves are the "in thing" in LA). Well I did do a short cut 3 years ago which was SUPER CUTE then went back into a weave again for 2 years. Then I made excuses for maintaining a weave (such as I have to so I can work out..ummm I can still work out). Okay soooooo now I am back and rocking my natural hair and LOVING IT! I feel so free and more like my old self... ahhhhhhhhhh.... SO REFRESHING! I am thinking I will maintain my natural hair of a while and rock a weave when ever I get the urge but for now.. I'm GOOD!

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