Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's About Time B.E.T.!

We are sooooooo pleased with the airing of Reed Between The Lines! It has been LONG overdue for a sitcom portraying a positive image of the black family. After watching the initial two episodes we can say that we are pleased with the image that we have scene thus far. No unnecessary drama and more of the everyday things that a typical family would face. We had several LOL moments. We are urging our readers to please support Reed Between The Lines on Tuesday nights on BET, please check your local listings for the airing time in your area. Not since The Cosby Show have we scene anything such as this for our families. We were blessed to have The Cosby Show in our childhood era and we sure would love for this show to gain positive feedback and be able to stay on so that our sons have that same opportunity and your families as well! We thank BET for finally seeing the need to portray a positive image and actually move forward in doing so. Congrats to Tracee Ellis Ross, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and the rest of the cast! VERY realistic!

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Natalie Leung said...

that sounds like a great show! unfortunately we won't get this in Australia, we only get 1/2 the shows here , we are so behind :(



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