Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspiring Words from Andre Leon Talley

Fab readers while checking out The Fashion Bomb, I came across an interview that Andre Leon Talley did with CNN in regards to students who are graduating in fashion or want to pursue fashion the industry. The main point that he stresses throughout the interview is to stay with it regardless of how long it takes....if it is truly your passion. Fab readers I can not agree more, as someone who changed their major junior year of college (to Fashion Marketing) and moved across the country to pursue their passion, I support everything that he says. Even in this economy I believe that if it is something that you want, you persevere and push through until you reach your goal. I know this is something that everyone says but it is true, and I have to remind myself everyday to continue my tunnel vision until my goals have been met. Check out the video of the interview below.

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