Monday, August 31, 2009

Please, Stay Off The Drugs....

Okay SO we have been in mourning all weekend long about DJ AM.... But we have come to find out that the "11.5 year clean and sober" DJ was found in his apartment wearing sweatpants and a crack pipe laid next to him in the bed, as well as other prescription drugs. The police came to the home after getting a phone call from a friend of the DJ that hadn't heard from him in hours and also learned that DJ AM never caught his flight to Vegas, where he was scheduled to work Friday night (@RAIN). We are still mourning but have also come to the realization that drugs are never the answer... short escape maybe, but NEVER the answer to your problems; only the beginning of new problems. RIP DJ AM, you will be missed! Be sure to catch him on his upcoming reality series 'Gone Too Far' to be aired on MTV.... So Sad

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