Friday, January 28, 2011

The Highs and The Lows: Dolce Vita Tatum vs Bakers Elvie

Fab readers while doing a little bit of browsing online (bakers) you would never guess what we came across?!?! A pair of strikingly similar boots to our beloved Dolce Vita Tatum boots that we featured yesterday....and may we introduce the Elvie boot by Bakers Shoes. You can definately see where the Elvie boot gained its "inspiration" from, the Elivie features a 5 1/2" heel and a faux fur shaft. These boots are definately sexy and are only a fraction of the cost of the Dolce Vita Boots Tatum boots at $69.00!! While you can definately tell a difference in the quality we think that the Elvie boots will give you a similar look and with the money you save you can get a new outfit to go with them ;-) Check out the two looks and let us know what you think...the high or the low?

Dolce Vita Tatum

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