Sunday, September 14, 2008

Follow The Dot.........

Hello my FABULOUS friends!!! Okay so it has been a little minute since the last entry and we are sorry for the hold up. Several issues have been occurring, a HUGE move and a DEAD laptop (not a good combination to say the least)!! But we are back and ready to give you the FAB scoop on what's hot and chic in the attire section. I was soooooo excited about the entry that I went against the grain and blogged on a Saturday night!!!! Well, a few weeks ago, I was searching online for some hot buys and made a pit stop on the Target website. What did I find you ask??? Some pretty hot buys!!!! I tell you, you must check out this site if you haven't done so already. Now I thought to myself, so I share my good purchases with the public??? YES YES YES, I must. My sis and I found several FAB buys on this site. Ladies, don't be afraid to check out the clearance section! I found several items between $4.99-$9.99. From purses to skirts, shirts, and jackets, there is no limit to your possibilities when you follow the red dot!!!!! I copped a FABULOUSLY CHIC Greyson bag from the GREYSON for Target line on clearance for $4.99, for the small woven pouch in a blue jean denim color and $9.99 for an oversized woven black tote. These bags were regularly $50.00 at your local Target! Now if you know anything about GREYSON, they make FABULOUS handbags and now with their target line, you can get the looks you love for more than a fraction of the costs!!!!! Kudos to Greyson for bringing the FAB look to Target. And it doesn't stop there ladies, I was also able to find a knit couture tee on clearance for $4.99 (regularly 19.99). These items are good quality and definitely worth the surf on web to find the looks you want at a price you love! So go ahead and check it out.

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