Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where Did You Find Those Shoes?

Hello fabulous readers! We have some great news to share with you this evening. It has been brought to our attention that our fabulous friends over at DSW and at Bare Feet are now sharing their chic shoes with us FABULOUSLY CHIC and CHEAP shoppers via internet!!!!! Do you understand what this means?!?!? No more waiting for a trip to your local DSW store to get fabulous finds and no more of my sister and I anxiously awaiting our next Chicago get away to get a hold of the fabulousness found in BARE FEET. Now ladies, we can do it all from the comfort of our own couch, bed, or office, for that matter! So don't waste any time.............. get to shopping. Not only will you find the latest and greatest designers, you will also find a nice price tag to go along with it (and some free shipping is being offered over at DSW's site for a limited time). So do your wallet and your gas tank a favor by shopping online for great shoes at affordable prices. All of the names we have grown to love at a fraction of other retailers prices.   

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