Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Crossbody

Hola fab readers, hope the week is going all types of fabulous for you. While browsing my closet I noticed that I have a gazillion pairs of shoes and no handbags. Before you let me have it, let me explain, very rarely do I ever carry more than my wallet, lip gloss, cell phone and keys on me ( and when you have a track star two year old you need both hands free at all times). Therefore I never really felt a need for them until recently going out and I didn't have a bag that worked with my clothes. After browsing the internet and seeing this super cute picture of Solange from the grammy's I have decided on the cross body, I have enough room my things, my hands are free, and they are super cute. Check out a few of my faves below all available from Forever 21.


Cherella said...

You know I was about to get on you for not owning any handbags lol you know I have more handbags then I need.

fake bags said...

You have the best collection of purses and fake bags. I so envy you. hehe


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