Monday, March 30, 2009

Look for Less YSL Caged Boots

Fab readers we have found our latest obsession: the YSL Caged Boots. Oh fab readers they are super cute 4" patent leather open toe grid pattern boots that are screaming to be worn this summer. Unfortunately the price tag of $1590 is anything less Fabulously Chic and Cheap.

Thankfully TopShop to the rescue with the Lattice Caged Sandal. The Lattice sandals give the same effect as the YSL boots. Both are black patent leather, open toe and grid pattern, the only noticeable differences are that they have a platform and are an ankle boot. These boots are at a fraction of the price, as the Lattice sandals will run you $145.00.

We understand that it is a recession, trust we are feeling it too, that's why we have found another pair at an even more fabulous price. The Black Peep Toe Cage Ankle Bootie available at AMI Clubwear is a faux leather, caged, open toe, grid pattern, studded bootie. They are 4" and super fab at $32.99. How can you not buy a pair at that price. No matter What your budget one of these three will look fabulous for the upcoming spring and summer. Let us know which one is your fave

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