Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Pull On Short Courtesy of Amber Rose

Admit it fab readers, as much as we (and when I say we I mean you) love to talk about Amber Rose we here at Fab Chic and Cheap secretly love her. We love the haircut....did we mention we have a thing for edgy cuts...(not Cassie's but that's for another post on another day) and we love her style (though we know it's an upgrade courtesy of Kanye). It takes a bold person to walk down the street in some of those outfits and more importantly own the outfits. Enough with our latest girl crush and why we crush on her, on to her look. About a month ago she was out shopping with Kanye in LA and had on a pair of pull on shorts. While everyone wondered what the hell she was wearing, we saw our next purchase for summer. Check out a few of our fave pull on shorts and let us know if you will be partaking in the trend this summer?

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