Thursday, April 23, 2009

Simple Actions Make BIG Differences...

Hello Readers! Today we want to discuss Earth Day. On our mission to be chic and green, we have looked to Louis Vuitton for comfort. The brand is wanting all FABULOUS people to celebrate Earth Day with them (for purchases made from the United States only). For every purchase made online from customers in the  US, the brand will donate 15% of all online purchase proceeds to The Climate Project. We think this is a productive gesture on the part of Louis Vuitton to help do their part to commit to a better Earth (just wondering why it's only from US purchases that are being donated), never the less they are doing something, so bravo to Louis Vuitton. A girl can always use a fabulous and chic new handbag or other accessory from them (sorry ladies; cheap just doesn't fit into this category)!

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