Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lindsay Lohan... Taking a Crack at Fashion

We have been reading fashion updates and have learned the past rehab-attending actress, Lindsay Lohan, is in talks with French Fashion House, Emanuel Ungaro, to become a creative consultant for the brand.

The thing is that this possible deal signing is creating quite a stir in the office and the head designer is threatening to leave the company, and take his team with him if the deal goes through. Estaban Cortazar, head designer, is furious and insulted that the company is even considering having Lindsay's name being attached to the brand.

We here at Fabulously Chic and Cheap cannot get mad at the designer for his feeling, as we have never viewed Lohan as a fabulous or chic dresser either. Ungaro feels that Lindsay would bring new energy to the brand but we are not quite in agreement with the possible signing. I mean surely there is a better selection of FABULOUS actresses that could sign the deal and bring more integrity and creativity to the Emanuel Ungaro, luxury brand.

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