Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Highs and The Lows: Erdem Margot vs Topshop

Fab readers we absolutely adore thie red lace dress by Erdem Margot. It features one of the hottest trends for spring: lace, and the lace makes it sexy yet the shape is so demure. REALLY is there is anyhing not to love about this dress?!? Well there is one thing...the price is anything but pretty costing $2,615.00 (yep that's the same face we made).

Moments like this make us love Topshop even more than we already do apparently we werent the only ones. Topshop has a red lace 3/4 legnth sleeve dress that puts us in the same mood as the Erdem Margot for only $96 dollars. Granted its not as sexy but we def see the influence. Check it out below

 (fyi: we think that the dress would be fab with a pair of leapord heels ;-)

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