Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Highs and The Lows: Fendi Butterfly Platform Pumps vs Boutique 9 Caurah

Fendi Butterfly Platform Pumps-$790

Fab readers it is no secret that we LOVE Fendi shoes, however they dont love us. Fendi pumps are just way to narrow for my feet (and I measure a narrow). When I first spotted the Fendi Butterfly Platform I instantly fell in love with them but them, like the rest, the butterfly platform pumps had my feet SCREAMING after 10 minutes. Not to mention the unsexy price tag of $790 it was pretty easy to leave behind however every now and then I still think of them.

Boutique 9 Caurah Pump-$170

Allow me to introduce you fab readers to my latest obsession the Boutique 9 Caurah Platform Pumps. You can clearly see that these shoes were "inspired" by the Fendi pumps and for only a fraction of the price I think they look quite fab. The main difference between the two shoes are the Caurah Platform does not have the extra platform and it is all suede versus the leather and suede combo on the Fendi. The Caurah Pump is only a fraction price of the Fendi  and offers the same look. I'm surely purchasing for only $170!!!

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