Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Movie Premier FAB! - The Help


Hey FAB Readers! I had the privilege of escorting my husband to a movie premier last Thursday evening for 'The Help'. My FAB hubby worked on the tag song for the film "The Living Proof" Produced by Harvey Mason & Damon Thomas and sung by Mary J Blige. The smooth keys you here on the song... would be my hubby the UBER talented Kevin Randolph. Although this event was what one would call casual, I had to take the opportunity to rock my HOT Romeo & Juliet sequence dress. I mean why down play it when its ALWAYS time to be FABULOUSLY CHIC! I may be been "overdressed" for the film but when the film dismissed they held an after party cocktail hour and my outfit turned out to be the perfect choice! I paired the with my fav Dolce Vita booties and we were off to a FAB Premier! The film is amazing be sure to check it out! The premier was here in LA on the Walt Disney Lot so I couldn't leave without getting a pic with Mr. Disney & my boy Mickey Mouse! Check out the song Mary J. Blige "The Living Proof" and my pics!


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