Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Wedding FABULOUSNESS!

Hey FC&C readers! Summer time is here and of course wedding invitations have been rolling in by the dozens into your mailboxes... Well put in that RSVP and get FAB and CHIC and try to stay within your personal monetary budget. I am still on cloud 9 from my friend's FABULOUS wedding this past weekend. It's so beautiful to see people taking that powerful step towards unconditional love! Its also the PERFECT opportunity for you to get no holds barred FABULOUS!!!! I mean if you can't go all out for a wedding then when else can you? I chose to wear a darling little number from a company that we just adore TART and I paired it with some killer sling backs (that I will hv the perfect opportunity to wear time and time again), the accessories that I chose really worked with this fit to completely pull the look together... Several ladies were ready to rip my ear lobes off for the FAB earrings that I found but I made it home with lobes still in place! I hope to post another article displaying the UBER fabness of this bride and groom.... There is NO WAY POSSIBLE that her dress could have been anymore FAB. She looked absolutely like the PERFECT bride! Enjoy fab fashionistas!

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