Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fab Finds at H & M

Over the weekend we took our boys to the Christmas tree lighting at the Americana Mall in Glendale and it was great. There were several musical acts Santa came gliding on the stage and fireworks went off for over five minutes after they lit the tree. While the kids enjoyed it there were too many people for our liking (over 20,000 people showed up to this festive event; thank GOD for VIP seating!). Anyhow, after the crowds dispersed and we chatted with fam and s few friends, we hustled over to H&M to see what they had to offer, and boy was it worth the wait! As we all know, you can always fond a FABULOUS pieces at your local H&M. Tell me this, how about when you can find FABULOUS pieces at 70% off!!!!! My sister and I could not resist the 70% off sales racks (we will have to return at a later time to explore the CHIC regular priced items). We both were able to add FABULOUSLY CHIC skirts, shirts, and sweaters to our wardrobe for way under retail prices. I got items at prices I could have never thought imaginable. I left with 3 packed to the max shopping bags for $140.00, now how FABULOUS is that. You have to love H&M, there is no telling what kind of FABULOUSNESS you will leave with! Pay your local H&M a visit and wonder through those 70% off racks....you bank account will thank you for it later!! We will add pics of our FABULOUS FINDS at a later time (as the website did not offer the CHIC items that we were able to add to our collection.

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