Monday, November 24, 2008

Fab Songs- Lady Gaga Just Dance and Solange Knowles-T.O.N.Y.

This week we have two of our fave artists Lady GaGA with Just Dance and Solange with T.O.N.Y. We love Lady GaGa, every time we hear her music we are ready to go out, and it is no different with this song. Is it just us or is Christina Aguilera very Lady GaGa-esque, anyway enjoy the video.

Oh we adore Solange, she is our favorite. Her quirkiness and personal style wins points in our book (she can do no wrong...we defend her till the end). If you haven't noticed we have a thing for the Knowles sisters. Check out her latest video T.O.N.Y., which is one of our faves on the album. Enjoy your day Fab readers

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