Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year Babycakes!!!

Fab readers we hope that 2009 brought you everything that wanted out of life. 2009 was definitely a year full of ups and downs for us but we are thankful for the many learning experiences that it brought us. From blogging to working on the launch of our business, meeting wonderful people to other things that we will share in the new year it has definitely been one for the books.

Now that we are in the new year and in a new decade we are super excited for the many blessings in store and you should be too! Get ready for outfit post, highs and lows and some of the best shopping you have ever seen in your fabulous lives. May 2010 be the best year yet in your lives and may all the doors to your dreams come true. From our fab hearts to yours Happy New Years Babycakes!!!!

-Love the fabulous ones

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