Monday, January 25, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

Hey FAB readers!!!!! What a weekend we just had in Viva Las Vegas!!!!! OMG, talk about FAB times with FAB people all around. While in Vegas, we had the opportunity to check out "The City" and stay at the new Posh ARIA Hotel. This hotel will knock your socks off! No need to leave "The City" grounds, as everything that you will ever need on your trip is on the property. Who cares what the rest of the strip has going on when you have a hotel room that is 2nd to none, gambling, FAB eateries, lounges, clubs, CHIC shopping at the classy Crystals shopping center, theatres, and everything else you will need right there in "The City." The hotel has a contemporary swag and the rooms are very much in the forefront of technology! As we walked into our room the TV automatically turned on, the curtains automatically opened, the clock/remote had my name displayed and the power of the room was at my fingertips from that moment on.... Not to mention the relaxation that is the restrooms in ARIA (posh, posh, posh) and a bed with a mattress that even beats the Westin (which was our FAV mattress prior our Vegas vacay this week). Now I know what you are thinking, if all of this is going on, I know it's gonna cost.... Well hold on to your seat belts. Since this is the first month of the opening of ARIA, they do have some nice deals going on with advance planning but if you have it to spend and don't need the bargain rate, then make ARIA your Hotel of choice for your last minute vacay, as we did. It is WELL worth the expense!



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