Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Highs and The Lows

The Highs and The Lows is a new installment that we here at Fabulously Chic and Cheap are introducing. We admit it here at Fab Chic and Cheap that every now and then we see an item that makes us want to throw all of Fabulously Chic and Cheap rules of living out the window and max out out the credit card. Then we come back to reality and try to find a savvy alternative (and hope to hit the lottery).

For our first edition we are going to spotlight a handbag that we have been salivating over for the past month nonstop: the Bottega Veneta Bombe' Croc Trim Tote. This bag is on of the most beautifully crafted bags we have ever seen and the leather is unbelievably soft and the exotic trim is to die for.... I think I have fallen in love(and did we mention that it is lined in suede). Anyone who knows anything about a Bottega Vaneta handbag knows that these are bags that you own for the rest of your life (which you should with a pricetag of $6800.00) you can not get anymore classic, stylish or sophisticated than Bottega Vaneta.
While the Bottega is no where near our price range a great mid priced alternative to the Bombe' Bag is the Genevieve Denny Bag by Cole Haan. This handbag still offers a handwoven leather in a classic yet fun silhouette and custom hardware and is resonably priced at $525.00

The Cole Haan is still a bit pricey but no fear we have found the perfect bag via Fashion Junkee. This bag is a faux leather (if Stella McCartney can rock the faux so can we...remember its all in the attitude) oversized woven bag. We love the shape of the bag along with the color and the silver hardware adds a hard a funky contrast to the bag. Best of all the Handbag is only $48.00 so hurry purchase while it is still available.

F.Y.I. Forever 21 has a great one for under $30.00

That does it for this edition of from The Highs and The Lows
-Stay Fabulously Chic and Cheap

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