Friday, October 24, 2008

Sell, Trade or Buy, The Choice is Yours!

Hello FABULOUS readers! Today we want to discuss the FABULOUSNESS of consignment shopping and selling. There are numerous consignment stores throughout the country. One of our fav's is Crossroads! These stores are the ultimate in being FABULOUS CHIC and CHEAP! I mean where else can you go and take your worn FABULOUS attire, get cash and purchase something as CHIC as what you just sold for a fraction of original retail price. These stores sell worn as well as new items for a bargain price. I mean you can really rack up. We have found True Religion Jeans, 7 Fr All Mankind, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Gucci, GAP, and other name brand items. It's a breathe of fresh air and so empowering. I mean you can make money by bringing in your slightly worn items and use that cash to put back in your wallet or to go towards your next FABULOUS purchase! Just think you are not only helping yourself but helping the environment by recycling your CHIC items! I mean why drop all of your FABULOUS pieces, that you worked hard to be able to purchase, at a Goodwill when there's a consignment store in your area where you are able to get cash for your CHIC pieces!!!!! FAB CHIC and CHEAP all in one swipe! most consignment stores that we have been too carry current trends as well as unique pieces to add to your already FABULOUS CHIC wardrobe. I mean you won't just find granny's old worn out pocket book in these stores! You will be able to locate items similar to what you can find in other retail stores but with a better price tag. Again, ALL of the items are not recycled, some are new! At the same time, when did we become too good to rock a recycled item or 2?! Crossroads Trading Company has locations across the country. If you are unsure where to go just google consignment stores in your area...... something is sure to pop up! So help yourself and the environment by consignment shopping..... The ultimate in being FABULOUSLY CHIC and CHEAP!!!!! Hey who knows, you may even be able to find a CHIC Halloween Costume as well, I mean it is only a week away!!!!!  Oh, Buffalo Exchange is another FAB consignment shop to check out! Go ahead..... I mean what do you have to lose versus what you have to gain!? Exactly! 

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