Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Simple Says It Best!

We are soooooo feeling the Simply Vera line by Vera Wang. The patters are vibrant and colorful and this CHIC look is being sold exclusively at your nearest Kohl's! That's right, you can have the Vera Wang look at a mere fraction of the cost. The Simply Vera line is offering everything from shirts to dresses, to accessories, jewelry, shoes, intimate apparel, and items for the home. The line looks to take simple looks and add artistic detailing to them to make them more appealing to the the eye. They layer clothing and gear looks to bring freedom and flexibility to your wardrobe. The line takes pride in its accessories that bring character and CHICNESS to what would have been a basic look. Simply Vera is offering a budget that will give your wallet a sigh of relief considering the FABULOCITY that your are getting from the line. Many items are available on sale online between 14.99 (for a logo tee) to around 84.99 for CHICNESS that we love in FAB dresses and shoes. For instance, the boots shown are on sale for 59.99, the oversized collared jacket is 44.00, the black dress is 39.00, and the green draped ombre top is 27.00. So head to your local Kohl's or find the Simply Vera Line by Vera Wang through the Kohl's website. Again this line is being sold exclusively at Kohl's and come on ladies, we all know Kohl's will find a reason to have a sale any given Saturday thru Friday, so what do you have to lose?!

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