Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't Let the Location Fool You!

Okay, so today we were thinking, it's still 90+ degrees here in LA so this blog is relevant to some of our FABULOUSLY CHIC and CHEAP readers. On a nice day there is nothing better than some nice cold ice cream to cool you down. Well FABULOUS readers we have a CHEAP option for your ice cream cravings. I have been in LA for 5 years and my sister 3 but it wasn't until this summer that we discovered this delightful ice cream treat..........Thrifty's Ice Cream! That's right, Thrifty's is served right at your local RITE AID! So we were sceptical at first, I mean it's a drug store right? Well we looked at the flavors and prices and decided to give it a go and boy am I glad we did! This FABULOUS ice cream was not only tasty but had a CHEAP price tag to go along with it!! You can get a scoop for a fraction of the cost of Baskin Robbin's (my old fav) or Cold Stone (it's good but expensive!!) and not lose quality (a scoop is around $1.19. This ice cream even comes in a CHIC cylinder shape versus the circular shaped scoops. So the next time you are out and are having a ice cream craving, pull into a local RITE AID and see what flavors they have to offer. You can start with a sample if you'd like but I doubt if you would be able to resist a scoop after you taste it and see how CHEAP it is versus the competitors. They come in a variety of flavors such as Strawberry, Chocolate Cream Crunch, Pistachio, and They also are sold in the freezer section the quart and half gallon to fulfill your late night cravings! So check it out. I mean how FABULOUS is that!

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