Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hello FABULOUS readers. We were out and about over the weekend and found the perfect reason to shop shop shop!!!!! Mervyns is going out of business. That's right some of the stores will be closing its doors. The store filed Chapter 11 July 29th and there has been a sale from that day forward. Mervyns is starting by closing 26 of it's 176 stores (the under-performing stores will be the first batch to close). We aren't talking 20% off either, no, no, no. Mervyns has slashed it's already reasonable prices down to 50%-70% off it's original prices. So this is a place where you can find not only FAB pieces for yourself but also for the entire family! They have Levi's, Seven Jeans, Steve Madden and PONY shoes, as well as adorable children's clothing and enchanting items for the home!!! How FABULOUSLY CHIC and CHEAP is that??!!! It's times like this when you are able to stretch that almighty dollar and make your money work for you! $60 jeans are selling for $29.95 and you can find other's at even a CHEAPER price tag. So head into your local Mervyns or check out Meryns.com to get affordable prices on clothing, shoes, accessories, and other FAB merchandise that your wallet, bank account, home, and closet can appreciate!    

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