Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is This the End of Steve and Barry's

Image: Fabsugar
Say it ain't so Joe (sorry I couldn't resist). Could this economy really be the end of the $8.98 dress? Apparently the answer is yes, as the collegiate company Steve and Barry's filed for bankruptcy protection last month and with no one willing to come to the saving grace of the company they announced that they will be closing over 100 stores. Steve and Barry's became popular amongst mainstream budget fashionistas after the introduction of Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing collection Bitten. The company is known for being store that provided fashionable pieces at affordable prices.While people can argue rather it was the economy or the over aggressive expansion that caused the company to fail we here at Fabulously Chic and Cheap cant help but wonder what will happen with Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker. Her collection has gotten us through many days of indecisiveness and were not ready to say goodbye (especially for $8.98). Click here to check out some of the latest looks from the collection.

Edit/Update: It has been brought to our attention by a fab reader that Steve and Barry's has been bought by investment firm BHY Holdings LLC for $163 million to read the entire article click here.

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Anonymous said...

You should read current news!!

Steve and Barry's was bought buy another company a while back and are no longer in bankruptcy. They are closing some stores and keeping the rest open. Bitten merchandise will still be produced and sold exclusively by them.


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