Friday, October 10, 2008

Tis The Season......For Gap

Image: Gap

The fall season is under way (well not here in LA but everywhere else) and we have come to realize that it is that time of year...... Tis the the season to break out the denim jeans and the tweed jackets, vests, hats and other FAB assessories. While searching for timeless pieces for our fall and winter wardrobe. We stopped and took a look at and what did we see??? The combination of Tweed and Denim looks to be a fab look for the winter season. The look is classic, timeless, and definitely CHIC! It's something about a nice fitting jean (there are a variety of styles to choose from), a clean and nicely shaped boot or heel, a classic or not so classic white shirt and a trendy vest or blazer that is sooooooo freaking sexy and FABULOUS!!!!!! There are several hats and other accessories that can make your look second to none. So as the seasons change, the leaves continue to fall, days and nights are becoming more brisk, and winter begins to come our way........stop by your local GAP or to look at the fall selections as they hone in on this timeless look. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed and you will be looking CHIC and FABULOUS without breaking your bank! I mean we all know that there are several other retailers that are carrying this CHIC look this season but they aren't all carrying the CHEAP price tag that are friends over at GAP are offering us. FYI......... GAP caters to us all, petite, tall, average, and curvy.... they love us all (now that's unity)!!!!! There's just something about Autumn and Winter that I love (hats, blazers, jackets, scarfs, the list goes on) and GAP helps us display it in our wardrobe. Check Out a few of our faves

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