Monday, October 19, 2009

Fab Faceoff: Kelly Rowland vs Amber Rose

Fab readers for this edition of Fab Faceoff we have two women that often times dress as different as day and night. However designer Pam Hogg has caught both of Kelly and Amber's attention with this daring catsuit. It seems as though both women were fans of the Fall 2009 Pam Hogg collection, while Kelly wore hers last week at MTV Los Premios Awards and Amber Rose wore her a few months ago at a Persona Magazine event. While the catsuits are slightly different in design and they are rocking it in two different colors we must ask: Who looked more fab?

Kelly gets our vote, something about it looks more wearable and all the accessories work for the catsuit (although she did loose points for the curly bang). Drop us a comment and let us know who won your vote.

1 comment:

DimeDime said...

I say kelly also i have the same catsuit and i rocked it with a mohawk her hair could of been better buy she still look nice amber did too much the catsuit its self is flashy u dnt need much.


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