Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lara Stone does Blackface for French Vogue

Fab readers some of you may remember Lara Stone from our Fab Model of the Week post. However this week we have some not so fab news to post. It seems as though Carine Roitfeld and Steven Klein felt it was a good idea to have supermodel Lara Stone in blackface for the October issue of French Vogue. While many have argued that this is a portrayal of art and they are known for their controversial spreads, it is also known that blackface is deeply seeded with racism in the United States. While many say that since it was French Vogue so it doesn't carry the same meaning (racial tensions are high in France currently) the photographer Steven Klein is American so he knows the impact/backlash of doing a shoot of this nature would bring. Let us know what you think is it art or racism?

BTW- The issue that is dedicated to supermodels does not feature one African American model (or any model of color)

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