Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Fashion NIGHTMARE... Spooky

Hey FAB readers! Remember a few months ago when we posted an article regarding Lindsay Lohan becomeing Artistic Adviser of French Fashion House Emanuel Ungaro? Well Lindsay made her debut during Paris Fashion week. Lindsay has supposedly been advising designer Estrella Archs on the lines looks adn what direction teh looks to be going in. Well teh results are in from Paris and teh word on teh street is that the looks were "cheesy and dated." Style.com reported that the show was promising at first but quickly began to spiral downward and ended with a big PLOP at the end! After reading numerous reviews we the fashion jury have reached a verdict of Fashion Suicide to explain the looks that were debuted on that stage! Hopefully this won't send Lindsay back to rehab...stay strong girl... Everything isn't for everyone and apparently fashion advising was not what she was put here on Earth to do! Style.com attempted to give the line the benefit of the doubt by pointing out that Estrella Archs only had one month to pull the show together. If your are into drop crouched pants, sequins pasties, and draped silk jackets then this just may be a dream come true for you. But if not then we advise that you keep on looking for better selections from another line. Let give this a moment of silence as a critical DEATH has just occurred! We too must follow the lead of other bloggers across the globe and have this one the benefit of the doubt and just plan to keep Lindsay in our prayers, thoughts, minds and jokes... Tell us what you think, maybe we had sleep in our eyes when we looked through the photos.. Lindsay's look was also questionable :/

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