Wednesday, October 14, 2009


There has been a HUGE uproar on the Hampton University campus surrounding the 2009 non black Miss Hampton University, Nikole Churchill, a Hawaiian Senior at the University. Alum and current students appear to be divided on the issue. Students are saying that it's not so much the color of Nikole's skin as it is about the content of her character. Nikole Churchill is a transfer student to the University and does not attend the University's Hampton campus but instead attends a satellite branch of the Historically Black College. Students were also in an outrage because the Queen is not active in any campus organizations and to go a step further has rarely if ever been seen on campus!!! IS THIS the kind of Queen that you would want representing YOUR University to speak about change that needs to take place and advocate for student rights when she has never had the experience as a campus student on the University grounds? FAB readers we are flusters, not due to our attendance of HBCU's (one of us a former Hamptonian as well) but in this case, we are looking at the fact that is Queen Nikole as never had the experience of being a true Hamptonian. There are things that we have gone through, struggles overcome (such as registration and non air conditioned buildings and dorms), life long friendships established, football games and step shows attended, organizations joined, and leadership skills put into action on campus to earn our stripes at Hampton University. What if all Queens transferred in for their senior year took 4-11 classes and never walked the "yard" or campus?! Just had to get this off our our chest and give you some food for thought!!

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