Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Make Those Eyes POP!

After much debate, we have decided that we will make 1 more YSL post!!!!!! The website was on FIRE!!!!! We are hearting the Tre'sor D'Afrique Collector which is a 5 colour palette for the eyes. This palette was inspired by the African Universes vivid colors. The colors are sure to draw very much positive attention as it is bold beautiful and FABULOUS!!!!! This must have collection is an exclusive on the online store of YSL and is priced at $62. Sooner or later every woman MUST upgrade form MAC...that is if you are always striving to for forward movement. Once you upgrade you will be trying to balance your budget so that you will not have to down grade ANY longer! Live FAB ladies (even if that means setting $20 aside for 3 weeks or skipping eating out for lunch and bringing food from home to work for a couple weeks)!

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