Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kicking Up Dust and On The Rise...

Hey Fab readers. We just wanted to take a moment to highlight fashion designer, Simone Williams. Simone has been focusing on her clothing line since 2004. Her signature look has come to be fusing leather along with various fabrics to create a cohesive look. Simone also uses leather belts and strips integrated with other fabrics. Simone Williams is being featured on the blog today because she is coming into her own and has just been nominated for Best Female Designer for the BEFFTA AWARDS (Black, Entertainment, Fashion, Film, and Television Awards). The BEFFTA Awards will take place October 17, 2009 in Central London. Simone's line ranges from cutting edge street denim to sophisticated evening wear. Check out some of her looks that we have posted. Just wanted to take a moment to feature an up and coming designer that is doing her hing on the fashion scene. Tell us what you think.... is her website as well.

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