Friday, September 4, 2009

Bib Necklaces for Less

Fab readers, if you are looking for a way to turn up your fabness in a split second then try this trend: a bib necklace. Bib necklaces first began a reemergance on the runway for spring 2009 season and quickly began to pop up on fashionista's everywhere, however the bib necklace failed to make it mainstream. We hear at Fabulously Chic and Cheap love the idea of bib necklaces. The bib necklace is a great way to take any outfit to the next level and is a great piece to take a day look into night. With the assistance of Forever 21 the bib necklace is ready to go mainstream on a recessionista fashionista's budget with all of them under $15. Check out a few of the bib necklaces that we are thinking of adding to the wardrobe for the fall season and let us know what you think. Are the bibs fabulous for fall or better suited for a 2 year old?

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