Thursday, September 3, 2009

What You Know Bout That 'Million Dollar Bill'

Good morning FAB readers!! As we discussed Whitney's album released on Monday (8/31) and she appeared on Good Morning America yesterday morning. We wanted to post her debut performance from the show in case you were busy sleeping, working, showering, hitting the gym, or just plain forgot about it. Well don't fret FAB readers, we have it right here for you. Alicia Keys wrote the song, Million Dollar Bill. Tell us what you think about Ms. Whit's debut performance. We have been hearing mixed reviews regarding her ability to hit the high notes but never the less we are SOOOOOOO happy to see her back on the scene doing her thing. She looks happy and humbled for being given another chance to do what she was put on Earth to do! Fab readers please ALWAYS use your gifts and talents that you were blessed with because THAT alone is what you were put here on Earth to do. If you don't use it then you place yourself position to lose it... and there is NOTHING FABULOUS about that! Let us know what you think...

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