Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Success Is Yours To Grab!

President Obama addressed student's urging them to stay in school. For some odd reason some parents and school officials were not going to elect to have their children/students watch the address. Some thought that the President would use this time to slide in other agendas that he wanted to address but President Obama steered clear of that route and kept clear at the issue at hand.... America's Children and Students who are America's Future. Some people won;t be happy no matter what our savvy President does to make this a better America. We are so proud to call President Obama our Commander and Chief! We have attached the video in case you were not able to view it on CNN yesterday. President Obama did speak the truth because not everyone will be a rapper, ball player, or reality tv star. That is but a small handful of chosen people. There are so many more that are going to have to choose a career or a trade to become successful at and there is nothing wrong with that. There is NOTHING FABULOUS about being a drop out!

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