Thursday, September 3, 2009

Current Obsession: Balenciaga Harness Platform Boots

Balenciaga Harness Platform Boots
Fab readers every now and then we see something and we don't care what the price is, we want we NEED it!!! It becomes our current obsession and secretly stalk it until we find it (or a fab alternative). Our current obsession that we have is for Balenciaga Harness Platform Boots, which are actually from the Fall 2006 season.The Balenciaga boots were on sale for $1,650 and are sold out everywhere (we can't even find them on Ebay). Every time we see fabulous fashionista's wearing these boots our heart skips a beat. These boots add an edge to a day look, instanly turning up the style and can easily transition into fall/winter party attire. These boots are definately love it or hate it, but we love them, infact we obsess over them. While we are beginning to see knock offs appear we are still holding out for the perfect pair that won't break the bank. Let us know what you think, are these Balenciaga Harness Platform Boots obsession worthy?

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