Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Storming Stylist...

As we know, NY FAshion week has come to an end and London Fashion week is under way. Canadian designer Mark Fast made a conscience decision to utilize both slimmer as well as curvier sized models in his runway show. Fast is known for his tight knitted dresses. The curvier sized models used were a sized through 12-14. This decision has caused havic between Mark Fast and is Management Team, to the point that one stylist walked out of teh show in disgust of the curvier women being apart of teh show... Talk about runway DRAMA! Mark Fast included 3 plus sized models (1 size 12, one size 14, and one in between both sizes). Managing Director, Amanda May, said that there were "creative differences" about the vision of casting curvier models and a team change took place. May stood by the decision of the vision and reported that utilizing curvier women was something that had been in discussion for a while. "We wanted women to know that they did not have to be a size zero to wear Mark Fast dress- curvier women can look even better in one." Fast  has also been involved in an exhibition of All Walks Beyond The Catwalk, which features models aged 18-65 that are sized 8-16. Fast has concern about Euro women being under weight and not being treated medically or properly for eating disorders that numerous Euro models and natives have. We feel the acts of Mark Fast and the supportive end of his team are completely FAB! It feels good to see a normal sized model on the runway that has just as much swag as the zero model. Mark Fast has a vision, took a risk, and followed through with it. One stylist may have walked out (which was bogus as crap) but as they say in show biz, with or without you "the show must go on!" 

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