Thursday, September 17, 2009

Name Your Target...

A mere 4 days ago, September 13th, Anna Sui released her new line of clothing for Target. Back in May, the High End Designer announced that she had collaborated with Target to design clothing that is loosely based on the CW series Gossip Girls (Serena, Blair, Vanessa, and Jenny). What does this mean for us ladies? Well now we get to choose which character do we find we most emulate, style wise, and pick up some of the trendy pieces for a mere fraction of the cost of Anna Sui's High end designs. The price point for the Target line is between $19.99-$149.99... I think we can handle that, right ladies?! Anna Sui reported that the clothing line is a mix of the art and spirit of New York City blended with Sui's signature prints, silhouettes, and and use of color. So the next time you are in your local Target, take a moment to look through, create, and gain the swag of your fav Gossip Girl for a great price. The 2009 Fall collection is also available at We feel that these designs surely capture all of our hopes of being FABULOUS CHIC and CHEAP (or shall we say recession and budget friendly). Check out some of the Gossip Girls inspired looks below. Anna Sui did her thing with this one. We will def be rocking a several of the pieces in the very near future.

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