Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rest Is In Order!

Jay Leno made it's premier on NBC last night and Kanye, Rihanna, and JayZ were there to sing 'Run This Town'. Since the mic snatching on Sunday evening occurred. Kanye asked Jay Leno for some time to speak about the situation and apologize once again for his behaviors. Kanye claims that he knew he was out of line as soon as he handed the mic back to Taylor Swift and heard the boo's from the crowd (definitely a sign Mr. West). None the less, Kanye says that he was sorry and actually got a little choked up. Kanye is still grieving the loss of his mother Donda West and stated that she would not have been happy with his behavior and he would have definitely been lectured by momma West. Kanye told Jay that he will be taking time off for some R&R, which is something he hadn't really done. Kanye says that he wants to get himself together and reported that he consumed himself with music and tours instead of resting and getting himself together. We still heart Kanye and our prayers go out to him. Everyone has a breaking point and death of a loved one is not an easy thing to handle. As we see, avoidance is not the answer. Don't worry Kanye the fans aren't going anywhere, we are here for you. And to all of those that disagree...please keep quiet and breathe easy because you really have no idea what he is going through, every ones process is different; respect that!

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