Friday, September 11, 2009

The Highs and The Lows: Givenchy Black Birdcage Booties

Givenchy Black Birdcage Booties:$400.00
Fab readers you have had to been living under a rock this past season not to have noticed the Givenchy Black Birdcage Booties. These shoes have been showing up on everyone this summer and are sold out they are a more affordable pair at $400. The Birdcage booties look great with everything from dresses to jeans to harem pants, so it's easy to see why they have been one of the hardest pair of shoes to get a hold of this season.

Charlotte Russe Triangular Laser Cut Boot:$39.95
No worries, if you couldn't get a hold of the original Birdcage Booties several variations have popped onto the retail scene from companies including Bebe and Steve Madden that are just as cute as the Birdcage Booties at a fraction of the price. The pair that best fits the Fabulously Chic and Cheap budget is the Triangular Laser Cut Boot from Charlotte Russe. These boots feature a 4 1/2" heel and are faux leather and are very similar to the Givenchy Birdcage boots. The Charlotte Russe boots are an online special for only $39.95. Check them out and let us know what you think

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