Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It All Comes Down To The Money

Okay FAB readers, we were forwarded some information regarding U.S. Currency earlier today and felt it our duty to pass on the information to our FAB readers! Well it looks as though we have a new coin in our mists. The dollar coin has been updated. Now usually this would not be a big deal and we would not post such information because as long as the dollar coin can do what it's suppose to do then what's the big deal?! This time around something about the coin has caused several eyebrow raises here at Fabulously Chic and Cheap and apparently elsewhere as well! This new dollar coin does NOT, I repeat does NOT have "In God We Trust" ANYWHERE on the coin!!!! Yeah we are looking cross as well! I mean who authorized this crap?! If it were up to me, all of the coins would be recalled immediately and get that good stamp of approval that this country needs, "In God We Trust." And we are not saying who or what your God needs to be but everyone def needs some type of higher power guiding there steps and until recently all of our coins said "In God We Trust." We may need to write in or make some calls in reference to this foolishness because this is a MESS! We were told that we could request other forms of the dollar currency instead of accepting this outrageous coin. We have decided that we need all of our money to have that GREAT stamp of approval on it because "In God We Trust"

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