Monday, September 21, 2009

Who Knew A Good Look Was So Hard To Find?

Okay so after hours and hours of surfing through pictures of last nights Emmy Awards, we have come to the conclusion that there just weren't many lookers last night. I mean goodness, how irritating... My eyeballs are sore at thing point so I just give up! The few, the proud, the appropriate can be scene to your left (when we finally ran across them we said "It's About Damn Time.") The red number worn by Blake Lively from Gossip Girls is a statement piece because not everyone has the swag to rock this piece, being red and all so we just slapped her up here as well! Vanessa Williams is always a beauty to behold. Kim K's gown was actually quite nice and was flattering on her. Her sister, Courtney, is pretty preggers! Overall the looks of yesterday evening, as a group, did not live up to our expectation.. But then again, there are barely any shows on television worth looking at in general anyways!!!! Girlfriends, The Game.. You ARE soooo missed! NeNe was funny and was appropriately dressed as well for her co-hosting of the red carpet. Congrats to NeNe for being asked to come on board for that... We see you NeNe.

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