Monday, September 14, 2009

Hate It Or Love It the Underdogs On Top..

Okay so we have been sitting here trying to figure out how we feel about what Amber decided to rock to the VMA's yesterday. She wore a snake skinned body suit, gold circle collar necklace, gold earrings, gold ring, and nude colored heels. Listen, hateration is NEVER a good thing. I think she is getting slack because she has the body to wear it where many women don't. We are not going to take the time to shut her down. We are saluting Amber for her HOT body that made this bodysuit wearable!Not to mention her makeup is FLAWLESS as usual! Too bad she got all glammed up only for a short roundtrip ride back to the house! Maybe the large bottle of Hennessey that her man arrived with on the red carpet was not a good idea (wonder if he got an endorsement for that). It made for a not so perfect ending to what should have been an enchanting evening full of music, love, laughs, and good times.

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