Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Wammies...

It wouldn't be right if we did not start off the week by discussing the 2 major SAD and CARELESS cases of the weekend. From one side of the globe to the other, celebrities have gone mad and spazzed out! The reasons are questionable but case in point is both were viewed world wide.

The usually FAB Serena Williams had her "run in" on Saturday which led to a "kick out" at the US Open. It was said by an official that Williams made verbal threats by saying "I will kill you." Serena also had an episode earlier in the game where she threw her racket down and broke it... Serena must realize that people have been sitting waiting for her downfall for a LONG time. We personally don't think that she made the threat but hey it were her word against the official and of course they graciously sided with the official. Sad case, we know her feelings were completely crushed! Having worked hard for the tournament for it to end like that... Her mother and sister were in attendance.

Then your boy Kanye at the VMA's... What on Earth can we say about that. Taylor Swift won the first award for Female Video of the Year and during her acceptance speech, Kanye being Kanye walks on stage and takes the mic from the young darling. He made a point to tell her and everyone that Beyonce's video was the better than Taylor's really...really, and walked off stage! WOW, so you just had to said Kanye didn't you?! Well his randomness got him and Ms. Amber Rose kicked out of the VMA's. We know she was hurt that she didn't all that camera time that she thrives off of. Well when Kanye was sent home he did post a partial apology to Taylor, her mother, and the fans (his and hers). We say partial because Kanye during the apology continued to rant about how Beyonce's video was the best of the decade (that's a 10 year stint)! Kanye exclaimed that he was just being real. We couldn't help but to be amused because we have figured that Kanye is from Chicago and we ARE known for keeping it real but Kanye you were at the VMA's (wrong place and time for all that realness)! We are hoping that he enrolls in some Yoga or Meditation classes immediately! Maybe he needs to have a sit down with Russel Simmons to help him get on the right path. Read the apology and tell us what you think.

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